Thursday, November 17, 2016

King Devanampiyatissa built chapter house for monk in "mahamevna". Then king Dutugemunu (161 - 137 BC) built it again with nine stairs and cover it by copper tiles. There was hundred gabled houses in each stair. End of the rainy season monks were get together at here.

In reign of king Saddhatissa (137 - 119 BC) Lovamahapaya destroyed by a fire. Then it built with seven stairs. And also it rebuilt again by king Sirinaga (246 -247 AD). He built it with five stairs. After that king Kithsirimevan (301 - 328 AD) also reconstruction it. King Parakramabahu in 12th century reform the "Lovamahapaya" at last.

Nowadays there are only 1600 stone post remain from the building.
In the chronicle of Sri Lanka tells that king Davanampiyatissa built a pile that says ''a grandson of mine build a stupa in this place''. King Dutugamunu saw this and built a stupa at there. In that place there was a goddess name "Swarnamali". Becuase of that this stupa called Ruwanwalisaya.

Ruwanwalisaya is one of the world's tallest stupa and 300 ft (92 m) height and 950 ft (292 m) circumference. It's also called, "Mahathupa, Swarnamaili Chaitya and Rathnamali Dagabe.